About us

Meir-Alkabets Law Firm is an expert in representation, accompaniment and consultation in the fields of criminal law, white collar, money laundering, production of forensic evidence and handling complex cyber cases, and was established in 2017 by attorney Nir Alkabets and attorney Ronen Meir.

Meir-Alkabets is a law firm specializing in representing, advising and consulting for various legislative aspects.

The accumulated experience of the partners allows a variety of unique services to be provided for the customer, forseeing the upcoming legislation and Judiciary decisions.

Representation in criminal cases is one of the cornerstones of the firm and as such with the vast experience of the partners becomes crucial when representing a client during arrest, interrogation and trial both simple and complex.


Extensive knowledge in handling cyber complex investigations allows staff office to assist both in representation of individuals suspected of committing a crime, and representation and counseling to victims of crime, various and diverse aspects, including an examination of the actions required to make the scene of the crime, from identifying technologal vulnerabilities   and providing immediate solutions for the sake of minimizing damage, and the system resumes activity. All while maintaining the ability to locate the source of the damage, while maintaining the cahin of custody and keeping the digital evidence "forensically sound".  


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