The legal services offered by the firm in the fields of criminal law, money laundering, white collar and cybercrime are based on extensive experience, direct involvement and handling of the affairs that have shocked the State of Israel over the years. As leading police officers in investigations of serious criminal cases, public corruption, economic investigations and cyber investigations, based on DEEP knowledge of relevant information AND DATA mining methods, we are pleased to provide you with diverse legal services such as:

Criminal cases representation (arrest and trial)​

Offering legal advice to elected officials and ngo’s officials, with close supervision throughout the entire term of office.​

Identifying and resolving legal and technological vulnerabilities exposing the client to a criminal investigation and / or a civil suit, while maintaining continuous contact with the customer.

Strategic consulting and crisis management.

All around response to cyber events.

Supervising, guiding and consulting insurance companies about their cyber insurance policies and supervises incident response teams when needed.

Advising and directing financial service providers, in light of the new legislation and regulations.

Money laundering cases analysis and consulting.

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