The Team

Meir-Alkabets Law Firm is an expert in representation, accompaniment and consultation in the fields of criminal law, white collar, money laundering, production of forensic evidence and handling complex cyber cases, and was established in 2017 by attorney Nir Alkabets and attorney Ronen Meir.

Nir Alkabets, Attorney​

Nir has L.L.B, L.L.M and a bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern studies and history, in addition to this Nir is a programmer for over 35 years in several programming languages, and has several certifications regarding information security, crisis management and hacking defined.
Since 1994, Nir played a variety of roles in the Israel Police core starting as a bomb disposal expert, later becoming a forensics specialist and an investigative officer. over the years Nir had acquired extensive knowledge in programming, handling databases, and conducting sophisticated data mining cases. these unique cases led Nir to lead the development of new abilities and investigations methods that, although being Innovative had been given the necessary judicial approval, when examined under great scrutiny. (prime minister's investigation, online gambling investigations) – all these investigations made Nir one of the most experiences lawyers in the field.
Nir was the head of the special task force established to fight against money laundering, while dealing with cybercrime and the use of regulatory and administrative tools. In his last position he served as deputy commander of the National Cyber crime unit at Lahav 433 and the head of the investigations sector

Ronen Meir, Attorney

Ronen Has LLB (Tel Aviv University), LLM(Bar Ilan University) and a master's degree in criminology (University of Haifa). Member of the Bar Association since 1996. 25 years of service in the civil service, including 20 years in the Israeli police in investigations and intelligence. Served as an officer at fraud crimes unit at Tel Aviv, Ronen was also a prosecutor at Tel Aviv district , and an investigative Team leader at the national economic crime unit. Ronen also served as the commander of a special Task Force against organized crime and as a personal assistant for the head of Lahav 433. Ronen Specialized in Investigation of white collar crimes, organized crime, international and financial crime including complicated cases relating money laundering. he had played a crucial role in sensitive investigations in Israel including prime ministers, ministers and President's investigation. ronen led the fight against major crime most sophisticated organizations and in Israel, and dealt with sophisticated economic crime and money laundering issues regarding this organization

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